About Sky Enterprise

Solotrade 1088cc better known by its trading name Sky Enterprise is a Black Women Owned company formed early in 2000. The company’s vision was to cater to a select few customers in the Mpumalanga area with regards to their hydraulic and conveyor belting needs.

In 2005 the company began imports of submersible dewatering pumps from KJI Co. Ltd in Korea. High quality and very competitive pricing together with good service and support, made the KJI product line one of Sky’s most lucrative ventures.

In 2008 Grundfos Group acquired KJI Co. Ltd. and Sky Enterprise was appointed sole distributor for DWK as well as KDOX flameproof pumps for South Africa. In addition Sky Enterprise was appointed as a general distributor for all other Grundfos products in the Mpumalanga region.

In 2009 the company began imports of sand and slurry pumps from Hanjin Pump company of Korea. This was to compliment the current range of submersible pumps stocked by the company.

In 2010 the company also began imports of the TLP range of high-pressure hydraulic tools. High quality and competitive pricing has made TLP also one of Sky Enterprise’s most successful ventures.

In 2011 the company launched its own brand of entry-level submersible water pumps for domestic and light industrial applications, called Solopump. This venture caters for almost any kind of submersible dewatering application.

In 2012 the company became official agents for Hazelton Pumps. With a strong focus on the Hippo Pump Range. The pump range was designed and developed to be capable of pumping corrosive and abrasive slurries. The Hippo Pump Range consists of both a submersible and a vertical spindle pump range.

In 2013 the company was appointed as an official agent of HYDAC Technology products. Allowing the company to increase its scope in the hydraulic, systems and fluid engineering markets.