Pumps HAZLETON pumps

A proudly South African manufactured range of Submersible and Vertical Spindle Slurry and de- watering Pumps. Since 1988, Hazleton pumps has served in the Pump Industry and have established the brand as a supplier of reliable pumping solutions. The Hippo Pump Range was developed for applications where abrasive and/or corrosive liquids or slurries are to be handled.
Hazleton Pumps strives to be the leaders in the Pumping Industry through continuously developing new technologies and innovating products to better serve customer’s needs. Hazleton pumps can be found in virtually every industry from mining and processing to power generation, pulp and paper, agriculture and processing, foundries, municipalities, construction, waste disposal etc.

The range includes :

  • Hippo Submersible slurry pumps
  • Hippo Vertical slurry pumps
  • Hippo custom manufactured pumps for special applications

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